*FREE pre-paid water, gas & electricity
meters with STS pre-paid tokens generator

Never chase
after payment for a
water, electricity or
gas bill again!

How it works

Nectar© lets your customers pay for your service BEFORE they use it using pre- paid meters using Nectar tokens. No need to chase after payment, read meters or disconnect customers. Simply install ©Nectar prepaid meters and register you and your customers by dialing the USSD code *384*7351# on your phone or at https://app.nectar.software. Nectar is IEC62055-41:2018 (STS) compliant and supports DES (DKGA02) and KDF-HMAC-SHA-256 (DKGA04) decoder key generation algorithms as well as STA (EA07) and MISTY1 (EA11) token generation encryption.

Zero Set Up Cost

With Nectar©, there are no set up fees or equipment installation required. No registration or maintenance fees for service providers or customers. Nectar© allows utilities and customers to begin using prepayment in minutes by creating a FREE account using the USSD code *384*7351# or on the web at https://app.nectar.software.

Lipa Na MPESA Integration

Using Nectar© your customers can pay for your service using MPESA and these payments are sent directly to your bank or MPESA account. Payment using MPESA is made immediately after a token purchase using the using the USSD code *384*7351# or on the web at https://app.nectar.software.

Meter included plans

Micro-grids, utilities, residential and commercial building managers can opt to procure new or use existing IEC 620455-41 (STS) compliant prepayment meters with their plans at subsidized rates and fast shipping.

Tariff Management

Nectar© provides micro-grids, utilities, residential and commercial building managers the ability to define a rate for charging for their services that is configurable from the utility's web panel. Utilities can also configure an unlimited number of MONTHLY or PER-TARIFF Tariff Charges.

Customize Nectar to your company look and feel

By providing white-labelling, Nectar© can now be customized to use your utility or residential or commercial building logo and branding so that your customers see and receive tokens from the brand they love and trust. For more info, please contact us at info@nectar.software.

Fast and reliable Token Generation

Nectar© uses the most popular pre-payment standard in the market (IEC62055-41/STS) to generate tokens FAST and RELIABLY. Our cloud based service scales based on demand ensuring 99.99% uptime.

The Nectar Workflow

Service provider signs up

Micro-grids, utilities, residential and commercial building managers sign up on Nectar© providing their contact information, the type of tokens they wish to vend, tariff rate and number of Nectar© IEC 62055-41 (STS) prepayment meters desired. A unique identifier is created and must be shared with the respective customers.

Customers sign up

Using the respective unique identifier, customers sign up in Nectar© and add meters, payment types and profile information.

Customers schedule token generation

Customers schedule when tokens will be generated. Tokens can be scheduled for immediate generation or in weekly, biweekly, monthly, 6 month or custom intervals. The payment mode is debited automatically on token generation.

Service provider monitors token generation

Using their credentials, the micro-grid/utility/residential/commercial building managers logs in to Nectar© to monitor their registered users, transactions log, number of vended tokens and to transfer generated funds into their configured account.

App Screenshots

Pricing Options

Nectar© provides 2 types of pricing for water/gas prepaid meters and electricity prepaid sub-meters. Please feel free to reach us at sales@nectar.software for additional pricing details.

Free Plan


Per Prepaid Meter

  • *Free prepaid water, electricity and gas meters
  • Free Nectar Portal Account
  • 16% /Token value Processing Charge
  • Requires monthly consumption of more than Kshs 1,800 per meter per month
  • 2 Year Support
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Water/Gas Plan


Per Prepaid Water/Gas Meter

  • KES 3,500 for prepaid electricity meters
  • Free Nectar Portal Account
  • KES 11 /Token Processing Charge
  • No minimum consumption per meter per month
  • 2 Year Support
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